We use the latest CCTV drain camera technology

The most innovative blocked drain inspection tool is the CCTV Drain Camera . The camera is fed into a pipe and sends a live feed of what it ‘sees’ onto a screen beside the plumber. The greatest advantage with this type of inspection is that you can see the condition of the pipe from the inside – whether the line is broken, collapsed or if there are tree roots entering the pipe. This inspection method takes all the guess work out of diagnosing the cause of a blocked drain.

The footage can even be stored on a USB for future reference, or if the customer is not at home. Storing the footage is great for home owners and real estate agents to have a documented copy of a property’s plumbing.

The cameras we use have sensors which tell our plumbers the exact location of the camera inside a pipe. A locating machine is then used to detect exactly where the blockage is.

As part of your pre-purchase inspections, Pandanus Contractors can perform CCTV pipe inspections on new or existing homes that you might be interested in buying.

If you need an efficient, highly trained plumber who has access to the latest technology, please give us a call. We would love to help you resolve any drainage issues quickly and easily with our CCTV drain camera inspection.

CCTV drain camera